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Do you have any questions regarding movabroad’s international relocation services? Here are some answers to a few common inquiries. If you don’t find the answer to your question in the sections below, feel free to chat or email us at

Getting Started

What is movabroad?

movabroad is an international relocation service that allows you to organize and complete all your tasks related to moving overseas. We provide a dedicated relocation assistant who gathers all your requirements, provides all the information you need, and provides you with a large array of solutions and moving quotes through local service providers in your city.

Where do you operate?

We operate globally. No matter where you want to move overseas, we’re here for you.

Why should I use movabroad?

1. We do the heavy lifting for you. You do not have to spend time searching for information or local service providers. We collect your international moving requirements, deliver tailor made solutions, collect moving quotes from local service providers, schedule appointments, and much more.

2. You save time. Tackling your international moving checklist takes time, but your dedicated movabroad moving assistant speeds up the process.

3. You make better decisions. Finding reliable information or hiring the right service provider for your overseas move can prove difficult when you don't know the city or country well. movabroad gives you the insight you need to make smarter decisions.

4. We only work with trusted international relocation providers. All our partners are handpicked and have passed a thorough verification procedure.

5. You get competitive rates on your international move. Our local partners compete to serve you. You can expect the best international moving rates in the market for the level of service you require.

6. Our service is free. We don't charge you for anything. You only pay our moving partners when you book a service with them.

Why is your service free of charge?

movabroad is free to you. We get paid by our local partners. We provide them with the training, tools, online marketing, and the ability to compete for international relocation service requests we send to them. This cost is included in our local partners’ marketing expenses and does not impact the moving quotes you receive.

Where are you based?

movabroad operates from within the European Union. Our offices and Teams are located in the fascinating city of Lisbon, Portugal.

Who are your relocation assistants?

Our team of international relocation assistants spans 12 nationalities, so there are good chances you will be paired up with a fellow countryman. That’s just one more way in which we make your international move simpler.

Do you have an app?

Not yet but we're working on it. For now, you may use movabroad for the web. It works pretty well from any phone's browser.

Do you provide international relocation advice?

That's the essence of our service! Start your own international relocation plan, and your dedicated movabroad assistant will assist you with any question you may have. You may also visit our blog for resources and tips about moving overseas.

Does movabroad organize local or national relocations, too?

We can assist with your move to a new city on selected cities only. Please chat with us about availability.

How can we contact you?

You may use online chat or email to speak to a moving expert. Once you are paired with a movabroad relocation assistant, you will be able to contact him via phone, skype, facetime, or your preferred app.

How it works

How does movabroad work?

It is pretty straight forward.
1. Tell us what you need. Start by replying to a few questions online. This allows us to start working on your international move and pair you with your dedicated relocation assistant. He may contact you if additional information is needed to get your relocation tasks moving.

2. You receive a tailor-made relocation plan. Your relocation assistant compiles all the answers you need including bids on relocation services, if you requested that. He will gather no-obligation offers from moving companies that are willing to help with your international relocation. You are then in a position to perform some of the tasks on your own, or hire a service partner.

3. See it happening. Ready to go ahead? We schedule appointments, book moving services and support you from start to finish to make sure you experience an incredible journey during your international relocation!

How do you assess my needs?

1. We combine our expertise and an online questionnaire to assess what you will need during your international move.

2. Your relocation assistant will exchange with you by chat, email, phone or skype/facetime.

What is a video survey?

A video survey is an inventory of your household goods done over your favorite video chat app by your relocation assistant. An inventory of your goods is often necessary to estimate the size of your international relocation shipment which allows moving companies to provide competitive moving quotes on your international move. Note that performing a video survey allows you to receive multiple international shipping offers without the hassle of receiving multiple home visits, phone calls, or emails from strangers. We never give your contact details to a partner unless you ask us to (when booking a service for instance).

What is a home visit?

An in-home visit is an inventory of your household goods done on-site by an international mover. If you're more comfortable discussing your international move and shipping in person, you can request in-home visits directly from your relocation assistant. He will then suggest a list of international moving partners in your city for you to choose from, and schedule the in-home visits for you.

Local Partners

What is a local Partner?

A local partner is a professional relocation service provider that has been approved by movabroad. All our local partners provide moving-related services. We have an extended network of moving service providers ready to help you tackle anything on your relocation checklist.

What are the benefits of using movabroad's local Partners?

1. Trust. movabroad partners have gone through an extensive verification process.

2. Price. Our local partners compete for your business, which guarantees competitive rates on your moving costs.

3. English-speaking. All our partners are used to handling expats’ requests in an array of languages, and all of them speak English.

4. Quality of service. We are very serious about quality of service. Our partners are on-boarded because of acclaimed quality. We monitor each and every moving service they provide to our clients. If their performance level drops, they are dropped from our moving network.

5. We've got your back. Your dedicated movabroad relocation assistant makes sure you experience an excellent service, from start to finish.

How do you select your local Partners?

All our partners go through a thorough screening process. We obtain all necessary paperwork to verify licenses, insurance policies, and reviews and we visit their websites and monitor performance.

How can I be sure that the service supplier will show up?

We take care of this for you! We confirm with the moving company or service provider, and make sure all your requirements are well taken into account. We're not just a website. Your relocation assistant is a real person with your best interest at heart.

What are the languages spoken by your local Partners?

They all speak English. Some of them provide their service in a an array of other languages. If you need a local partner that speaks your language, please inform your relocation assistant and we will accommodate your request.

How can I contact a local Partner?

Once you are ready to accept a moving quote or service from a local partner, your relocation assistant provides you with the details of a manager within the local partner's organization. And remember, we are always here to help if you need anything.

Booking relocation services

Which aspects of my international relocation can be covered by movabroad?

We provide a large array of international relocation solutions. Do not hesitate to visit our Services page. If you do not see the moving service you need, please chat to or email us. We strive to find a professional solution for any moving requirement you may have.

Can I include multiple destinations in my relocation package?

Absolutely. Speak to your relocation assistant about your requirements.

How do I book services?

Just let your relocation assistant know which moving services you wish to book. He will handle all your moving logistics for you, and provide you with the contact details of our local partner's manager.

Do I have to pay movabroad for relocation services?

Nope. Any service that you book is to be paid to the local Partner directly, on agreed payment terms.

How do I pay for relocation services I booked?

Each local Partner has its own payment options. Please refer to the offer you have received.

Whom should I contact in case of problem?

The local Partner's Manager is the best person to speak to. He will do anything to solve the problem you are encountering. In the event that you are not receiving a satisfactory outcome, your relocation assistant can step in to find a solution for you.

How do I cancel a service?

Each local Partner has its own cancellation policy. Please refer to the offer you have received.

The service provided was not up to my expectations. Whom shall I contact?

In the very unlikely event that the moving service is not satisfactory, the local partner's manager is the best person to speak to. He will be best placed to solve the problem you are encountering. In the event that you are not satisfied with the response, please inform your relocation assistant.

How do I review a movabroad local Partner?

You will receive a satisfaction questionnaire after the service is provided.

What is included in the services I select?

Please refer to the relocation service offer you have received. Inclusions and exclusions are clearly indicated. Your relocation assistant summary also provides good insight into inclusions and exclusions. Do not hesitate to contact your relocation assistant in case of doubt.

What is excluded from the service I select?

Please refer to the moving service quote you have received. Inclusions and exclusions are clearly indicated. Your relocation assistant summary also provides good insight on inclusions and exclusions. Do not hesitate to contact your relocation assistant in case of doubt.


Is it cheaper to book services through movabroad?

You will find that most often, the moving quotes you receive through movabroad are cheaper than market average (for comparable moving services). We strive to bring you the best value for your money. The real savings you make when working with movabroad, are in the time, effort and costs encountered in having to find, contact and follow up with a variety of moving companies and relocation services on your own. We have the contacts and the infrastructure to save you time and money on your international relocation.

Why is movabroad free?

We get paid by our local partners. We provide them training, tools, online marketing, and booked relocation jobs from new clients. This cost is included in our local partners’ marketing expenses and does not impact the moving quotes you receive.

Why do I have to pay service providers directly?

It has multiple advantages:
- You stay in total control,
- You get to pay in local currency if you wish,
- It reduces financial fees and therefore, the cost of the service.

Will I be billed in USD or in local currency?

Each local Partner has its own policy. Please refer to the relocation offer you have received.

What are the payment terms?

Each local Partner has its own policy. Please refer to the relocation offer you have received.


Why do you need my contact information?

The only reason we need your details, is to be able to contact you regarding your international move. We never share your contact details with anyone unless you have specifically requested us to (when booking a moving service for example).

Who can see my personal information?

Earning your trust is our top priority. Only movabroad can see your personal information. So it should go without saying that we will NEVER sell, rent, or share your personal information behind your back. Any information collected by movabroad is done solely for the purpose of personalizing your experience, understanding your requirements.

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