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Do you have any questions regarding movabroad’s international relocation services? Here are some answers to a few common inquiries. If you don’t find the answer to your question in the sections below, feel free to chat or email us at

Everything you need to know about moving in a shared container

Why is moving in a shared-container cheaper?

Instead of letting you bear the whole cost of shipping a container, we split costs among several customers. Shaing a container means shipping various moves on a similar route (ie. 2 apartments to be moved between San Francisco and Paris).

When I share a container, my goods are shipped with other clients'?

Absolutely. That said, we separate each move in our containers, using plywood walls. In certainc ases, we use pallets for each move or pach them in individual lift-vans. It is therefore very unlikely that you end up receiving boxes of another move !

Must I be flexible on the dates?

Yes and no :-)

1- Packing and pick-up date : no need to be flexible.
Your move can be packed and picked-up at the time you see fit. If direct loading in the container is not possible after pick-up, your goods will be safely stored in our dedicated moving warehouses until the container is shipped.

2- Delivery date : flexibility can be needed.
Since we need to consolidate your move with other clients, you might need to be flexible with the departure/arrival dates of the container. Note however that most of our shared-containers have a set departure date.

Please make sure to ask your personal assistant to confirm the container's departure and arrival dates before you send us the signed quote.

What are the implications at customs

Countries that allow shared-containers
All our shared-containers are compliant with departure and arrival countries' customs regulations. We customs clear each move separately, under its owner's name. Please note that we don't operate shared-containers in countries where customs have no set procedure to clear them (Brazil being one of these countries for example).

Customs preparation done in advance
Only customers who can provide a complete set of documents for customs qualify to share a container. All "co-shippers"are therefore assured that no hiccup will arise at customs because of a missing document.


How can I get a quote?

It is very easy. Simply fill our online form and one of our friendly moving advisors will contact you and send you a quote.

What is included in your quotes?

The following services are usually included:
- Packing materials,
- Professional disassembly of your furniture and export packing,
- Local transport to port of departure,
- Export customs clearance,
- Transport of the container by SEA,
- Import customs clearance,
- Transport fo your goods to your destination residence,
- Professional unpacking and assembly of your furniture.

What are the payment terms?

If you are paying privately, industry standards imply that your move must be paid in full before your goods are picked up. Do not hesitate to discuss this with your Movabroad assistant.

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