Life is good! You have secured a new job in a new country, your shipment is on its way, the kids are ready to start at their new school, and you’re almost set to catch your flight. But before you do, take some time to cross the Ts and dot the Is with this final walk-through checklist of your old home. Sometimes, landlords want to be present for the final walk-through, but in most cases, you will have to do it on your own. Either way, we recommend that you perform your own inspection before the landlord comes, so that you have time to take care of anything that might jeopardise your deposit.

Here’s our final walk-through checklist to help ensure that your deposit is returned to you after you move out.

What you will need (keep this in a box by the door):

o Inspection summary containing all the repairs that have been agreed-upon.
o Lease agreement, to ensure that you meet all the requirements.
o Notepad on which to take detailed notes and a pen.
o Phone or camera to take photos of any repairs that you have made.
o Flashlight to look in dark areas and make sure you have left nothing behind.
o Cleaning materials, just in case.

Step 1: General Check

o Has the home been left empty of personal property? (check crawlspaces, attics and basements too!)
o Is the house clean?
o Is there any damage to the floors or walls caused by movers?
o Are there any signs of pet damage?
o Do you see signs of pest infestation?
o Is there any water damage or mold around windows or appliances?
o Have repairs been done to your satisfaction?

Step 2: Make notes of wear and tear for the landlord’s information:

You don’t have to fix or pay for items that broke due to fair wear and tear, but you should mention it to the landlord.

o Do the light switches and outlets work?
o Do you see any exposed wiring?
o Do the ceiling fans work?
o Do the exhaust fans work?
o Do you see any exposed wiring?
o Do all the plates on the stovetop work?
o Do the toilets work correctly?
o Is the water pressure sufficient?
o Do you notice any signs of leaks?
o Do the baths, showers and sinks drain fast enough?
o Do you see any exposed plumbing?
o Do the sprinklers work?

Step 3: Pay special attention to the carpets

If you have pets, you may be required to have the carpets steam cleaned and the home fumigated. Arrange this to be done by the contractors of your choice to save on costs and delays in receiving your deposit back.

Step 4:  Reverse any alterations

Personalising a rental house is a great way to make it feel like home. However, people have different ideas as to what is homely and what is weird. That purple wall? You’ll have to return it to its former “renter’s white” before the landlord does his inspection.

If you made major improvements that cost a lot of money, it might be an idea to try come to an agreement with the landlord, especially if you’ll be leaving your additions behind.

Finding Issues During Your Final Walk Through

If you are short on time to fix any issues during your final walk through, you need to weigh up how important it is to receive your full deposit back as soon as possible. Perhaps you can afford to wait for it, or perhaps you won’t feel it as much if repairs are paid for out of your deposit, rather than out of your pocket.

Remember that your movabroad relocation assistant is able to help you schedule any appointments or arrange for assistance for all your moving related issues. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!