After months of planning and preparations, packing, cleaning and putting out proverbial fires, you may think that you’re close to the finish line. Now it’s just a matter of moving into your new home in your new country.

You may have left your old home in move-in ready condition, and even if the previous tenants did the same in your new home, you still have a few things to take care of. This checklist should help you complete the final step in your overseas move – preparing to move into your new home.

Moving Overseas: Your Moving-In Checklist


Once you’ve received the keys to your new home, take care of the essentials before you move in. Having the basics sorted while your goods are in storage or still in transit, enables you to work from a clean slate. That way, there will be no mess or fuss once your furniture is moved in.

First things first –

Your family’s security and safety is paramount when it comes to moving overseas. Make your new home as safe as possible with these steps:

❏ Change the locks
❏ Install deadbolts on all exterior doors
❏ Have your utilities switched on or transferred to your name (your relocation assistant can help arrange this!)
❏ Set up your internet service
❏ Install carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms, or install new batteries in existing devices
❏ Book a furnace inspection and service
❏ Buy fire extinguishers

Get the messy work out of the way –

Making a home comfortable is all about meeting your personal preferences. Here are the top aesthetic tasks to perform to make your new home move-in ready:

❏ Painting – start from the top down, i.e. ceilings, then walls.
❏ Flooring – refinishing hardwood floors, or deep cleaning and replacing carpets.
❏ Restore tiles and grout if need be.
❏ Toilet seats – few things make you feel as home as much as brand new toilet seats.
❏ Install new switch plates
❏ Replace damaged, rusted or mismatched air vent covers.
❏ Have the heating and cooling systems cleaned.
❏ Wallpaper
❏ Sanding
❏ Spraying
❏ Waxing

Give the entire house some TLC –

Many tenants and landlords merely sweep and mop, so do yourself a favour and give your new home a good scrubbing.

❏ Wipe out the cabinets inside and out using a non-toxic cleaner.
❏ Look for signs of unwanted guests – rodent waste, cockroaches and ants – and find a suitable pest-control solution.
❏ Find the locations of your main water valve and breaker box, and label the fuses accordingly.

Get organized –

This is a good time to plan in advance, as a final step before the moving team arrives. Before you move in, plan where everything will go.

❏ Assign bedrooms.
❏ Assign closets.
❏ Buy closet organizers.
❏ Install new window treatments (blinds or curtains).
❏ Replace shower heads if needed.

Once your new home is move-in ready, it is time to grab a cup of coffee while you wait for the moving truck to arrive. Pat yourself on your back, because you’ve conquered the bulk of your move-in checklist. All that’s left now, is to unpack your goods, shop for new items to replace those you have given away or sold, and settle in your new home, city and country.

Your big international move is finally behind you!