One of the first things you’ll do after accepting your new job in your new country is to estimate international relocation costs. Expert relocation assistants from movabroad suggest that you compare costs from at least three different movers before you make a decision. Moving company estimates are calculated based on a number of factors:

• the volume and value of your shipment
• the amount of moving supplies required
• transportation costs
• and distance of your move

Based on these factors – specifically the fact that the volume is the most important element to consider – it makes sense that getting rid of anything you don’t use will result in a lighter and cheaper move. But how do you strike the balance between selling everything and simply reducing the load a little?

Benefits of Getting Rid of the Bulk of Your Move

By reducing your moving shipment, you will not only save money on the moving costs, but if you sell some of it, you will also accumulate some welcome cash. Giving items to charity will make you feel as though you’re doing something good for someone else, and giving items to family and friends to remember you by will always be special.

Separate all your belongings into one of the following categories:

• Items to ship – these are the items you absolutely need to take with you and includes personal items, photos, clothing that you will be able to wear, etc.
• Items to sell – these items are in good condition and can generate money which you will need after your move abroad. It might include items you need to replace.
• Items to give away – these are the items you won’t be needing in your new life, or it could be something sentimental that you wish to give to someone special, such as heirlooms. It also includes items that might benefit charitable causes, such as dinner sets, furniture and clothes that might be sold or given to people in need.
• Items to throw away – this includes anything for which there is no need.

How to Declutter Specific Items

Use these decluttering tips to reduce the volume of your move.


Books are some of the heaviest items to move, even in boxes. Many people have hundreds of books, but no plans to ever re-read most of them again. Sell your books or give it away. You will be passing on valuable learning or entertainment, and you can join the e-book revolution, thus saving paper and moving costs.


Some countries have much more spacious homes than others. Will your bulky furniture even fit into your new home? In many cases, it costs more to ship a large couch than to replace it after your move abroad.

Large Appliances

Refrigerators are even heavier than couches. Leaving behind your fridge, deep freeze, washer and dryer will free up valuable space on in the container and save you on moving costs. Sell it second-hand and buy new, energy saving smart appliances when you reach your destination.

Small Appliances

How often do you use the food processor, bread maker, ice-cream machine, and juicer? Your food-channel obsessed best friend or sister has probably been swooning over that very appliance since you bought it. Give the gift that keeps on giving and make sure she thinks about you every time she prepares a meal.


How often will you wear your down jacket and furry boots in Singapore? Consider the weather in your new country and you might find that you can get rid of up to 80% of your clothing. Besides, how much of it no longer fits?

If you keep only the items that you often wear, you will save a lot of closet space and have fewer clothes to pack.

Outdoor Equipment

Ask yourself whether you will have an opportunity to practice your favorite sports or outdoor hobbies in the new country. Perhaps you’ve been living near the beach and where you’re moving overseas, you will be nowhere near a beach. Get rid of the surfboards and beach umbrellas. If your new home has a built-in grill, you can leave the old rusty one behind.

You can apply similar strategies with kitchen equipment, the kids’ toys, and outdoor furniture. Sell or give away what you don’t use and you will free up space in the moving container and generate money to start your new life with fresh new things.

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